Differences Between Genuine and Fake Online Casino Games

Differences Between Genuine and Fake Online Casino Games

Players who participate in bogus casino games receive no benefits; on the contrary, these games come with a slew of drawbacks, which is why no one wants to play them in the first place. Because the outcomes of these games are frequently tampered with after they have been determined, the outcomes are not always what they appear to be. Aside from that, they may be bundled with enticing offers, but the terms and conditions are not in the best interests of the players.

Due to the striking visual similarities between the two types, distinguishing between genuine casino games and counterfeit versions of those games can be difficult. As a result, a significant number of gamblers have found themselves engaging in illegal casino activities at some point during their gaming careers.

One of the most reliable ways to determine whether or not an online casino game is genuine or a forgery is to check that the gambling website in question has a valid license. Because each game hosted on a licensed online casino’s website is subjected to regular testing, it is extremely unlikely that those casinos will host any fake games on their websites.

How can you tell the difference between a legitimate casino and a forgery?

You won’t fall victim to unethical casino games that aren’t listed on gamstop if you can tell the difference between a fake and a genuine gambling website. Gamstop is a website that only lists legal casino games. The following are some red flags that may indicate you are dealing with a bogus online casino:

Fake casinos do not have a valid license

Before providing any personal information to a gambling website, make sure it has the necessary licenses and permissions. A website that offers gambling but lacks the necessary licensing is illegal, and users should be aware that such websites are more likely to offer fraudulent games. This is because online casinos of any kind are required to have licenses in order to conduct business legally.

European countries such as Malta, Gibraltar, and Alderney are examples of authoritative jurisdictions in the field of casino regulation. The United Kingdom is another example. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is another reputable organization that issues licenses. It is critical to remember that the possession of a reputable license is not the only factor that can guarantee the authenticity of an online casino; rather, you should always make an effort to investigate the matter further. It is important to note that the presence of a reputable license is not the only factor that can guarantee an online casino’s authenticity.

Fake casinos do not provide any points of contact that are both reliable and effective

Fake online casinos reveal almost no information about the individuals who own and operate them. If any information is revealed, it is extremely limited. They go to great lengths, employing every conceivable method, to conceal their owners’ identities. Aside from that, they provide dreadful services when it comes to customer interaction. Customers are unable to communicate with the online gambling websites in question because they lack a reliable means of communication. Unlike legal casinos, which list their email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, and operating hours on their websites, these online gambling sites only provide their customers with web forms.

It is important to note that fake casinos do not possess a testing certificate

Every reputable casino tests its games to ensure fairness. These online casinos use third-party auditing services to ensure that a sufficient number of rounds have been wagered on each of their games. The data gathered from the test will be used to determine whether or not the games are random and whether or not the published return to player percentages are accurate. The information gathered from the test will be used to make this determination.

iGaming Lab, eCogra, and Technical System Testing are a few examples of companies that provide these types of services to their customers, and they are just a few of the many businesses that do so.

A badge will typically be displayed on the websites of online casinos that have successfully passed an audit of their games. This is done for the benefit of the players. These badges include links that take users to the certificate they were given. You must verify this information with the company because there is a possibility that some certificates have been forged.

What Is The Difference Between Real and Fake Online Casino Games?

The following are some of the distinctions between a genuine casino game and a forgery:

As previously stated, only legitimate casino operators who operate in accordance with the terms of their respective licenses will be able to provide legal casino games. The RTP percentages of the games available at legal casinos are correct, but the games themselves are completely arbitrary.

Genuine online casino games’ servers are synchronized with those of the game’s developers. The servers of fake games, on the other hand, will not be synchronized with one another or with the developers of legitimate games. If the server used to manage the game is the same server used by the game’s developers, you can be confident that the game in question is legitimate.


Before putting any money on the line at a casino, make it a habit to confirm that the establishment is legitimate and has the necessary licenses. You should also pay attention to the testing certification that the website possesses.

Furthermore, the information stored on the server for a game at a reputable online casino will not conflict with the information provided by the game’s software provider.