Celebrities Who Enjoy Playing Video Games Online

Celebrities Who Enjoy Playing Video Games Online

Previously, the online gaming industry thrived in the bedrooms of adolescent boys and existed on the outskirts of the entertainment industry. It is now a part of the mainstream, with an impact on both the economic and leisure activity spheres. According to recent estimates, the global market for online gaming will be worth more than $128.5 billion by 2020. This will undoubtedly position the sector at the center of the digital and online world. “Game-geeks” are no longer the only people who play online games and gamble at online casinos. YouTube is now a source of inspiration for the most popular online games because it is played by so many people all over the world. Many celebrities, including Jodie Foster and Kim Kardashian, have admitted to enjoying online video games, and many of them have also appeared as playable characters in popular video game franchises. Only a few of the world’s most well-known people who take the gaming industry seriously are listed below.

Mila Kunis’s

The actress admitted that she became so addicted to World of Warcraft that she had to quit the game by taking a complete break from it (also known as “cold turkey”). Kunis, on the other hand, appears to be addicted to online gaming, as she has admitted that after she stopped playing WOW, she began playing Call of Duty to fill the void left in her heart by the absence of a video game. The phrase “COD is like really, really fun!” After completing Call of Duty’s first-person mode, you will be able to unlock the Nazi zombies. From then on, your sole goal will be to eliminate these Nazi zombies, which you will do frequently as you progress through the game.

Megan Fox’s

Given that she is best known for her role in the Transformers film franchise, it is not surprising that Fox is a fan of the digital gaming industry. In an interview with Collider, she admitted to having a “complete addiction” to Halo and described it as such. She even revealed that other gamers had teased her about her gamer name, unaware that they were mocking a Hollywood actress.

Craig, Daniel

He is not only well-known for playing a ruthless James Bond, but he is also the actor who has earned the most money from the role. Craig has stated that his involvement in online gaming gives him an advantage when preparing for his major film roles. His gaming addiction has caused problems in previous relationships, and he has stated that in order to avoid conflict at home, he must “pick his time carefully.” Despite Craig’s current marriage to actress Rachel Weisz, it was his ex-girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell who reportedly had a problem with Daniel’s secret online habit.

Efron, Zac

Because Zac Efron is such an avid video gamer, he was chosen to host the Halo 3 Midnight Madness launch event in the United States. According to a source who previously revealed this information, his gaming prowess has even gotten him into trouble with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. He appears to have spent more time interacting with the online gaming community than with her, which could explain why they are no longer together.

Matthew Perry.

Matthew Perry is well-known in the gaming community not only for his role as Chandler in the critically acclaimed television series Friends but also as a serious online gamer. In addition to playing a variety of online games, Perry voiced a character in the video game Benny in New Vegas. He admitted that if given the chance, he would have done the job for free. He revealed the details of his repetitive strain injury while appearing on the Ellen show in the United States. He sustained the injury while playing Fallout III.

Jackson, Samuel L.

Samuel L. Jackson is a well-known actor who has appeared in some of Hollywood’s most successful films, including Jurassic Park and Pulp Fiction. He is also well-known for his insightful commentary on the hit television show Game of Thrones. If you look closely, you’ll notice that Jackson has an insatiable appetite for online games. He has played a variety of significant roles in games such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Afro Samurai. In addition to major, recognizable roles in video games, he has appeared in a number of cameo roles as himself in a variety of games over the course of his career. In an honest interview with Access Hollywood, he admitted his love for first-person shooter games, naming Assassin’s Creed as one of his favorites.

Kardashian, Kim

You may think of Kim as the queen of fashion and reality television, but she also enjoys playing online games, particularly the first-person shooter Call of Duty. She even discussed her passion for gaming with the millions of people who follow her on social media. I simply cannot wait for Call of Duty: Black Ops II to be released! My head is spinning from the graphics! Some speculated that Kanye West’s wife was involved in a sponsorship deal, but she quickly clarified the situation by stating that she was not paid for the game-supporting tweet. Some speculated that she was involved in a sponsorship deal as a result of this.

Jessica Alba

Alba is one of the most dedicated members of Hollywood’s gaming community. She has admitted that she was first drawn to video games as a child, when she played classics such as Bomberman, Super Mario, and Pac Man. She revealed that she is still a big Nintendo fan and talked about how she incorporates video games into her workout routine. “I play every single Wii Sports game,” you claim.